Stone Worktop Maintenance

For the regular maintenance of stone work surfaces (e.g. Granite, Limestone, Marble, Travertine etc.) we recommend the use of Tile Doctor Stone Patina Spray which is designed to enhance the natural beauty and lustre of polished stone as it cleans. For the restoration of dull and scratched worktops use a set of small handheld burnishing pads, details of these and other product below.

Marble kitchen worktop Prestbury before
Marble kitchen worktop Prestbury after
Marble Bathroom Worktop Abingdon Before
Marble Bathroom Worktop Abingdon After

Worktop Maintenance Products

Tile Doctor Stone Patina Spray
A phosphate-free cleaner formulated for everyday use that’s super-concentrated so one bottle is enough to make up to 121 litres. This neutral cleaner eliminates soap scum build up and hard water deposits when used regularly. The pleasant spearmint scent leaves a room smelling clean and fresh.
Tile Doctor Stone Patina Spray for the regular cleaning for stone worktops
Six inch Burnishing Pad Set
For the restoration of stone worktops where the polish has been eroded over time the surface will need to be burnished using a set of six inch burnishing pads which are small enough to be fitted to a hand held buffing machine. The pads come in four different grits and are applied from Coarse through to to Very Fine in order to remove dirt and rebuild polish.
Six inch Burnishing pads for the restoration of stone worktops
Stone Worktop Sealing
To protect your stone worktop we recommend sealing using Tile Doctor Ultra Seal which is thinner than other sealer’s and ideal for polished worktops; for directions please follow the instructions on the container.
Tile Doctor Ultra Seal for sealing stone worktops
Etched Marble Bathroom Tiles Re-polished in Cambridgeshire
Marble Bathroom Tile Surround Cambourne Before Restoration Marble Bathroom Tile Surround Cambourne After Restoration
Travertine Table Polishing in Cheshire
Travertine Tabletop Before Polishing Heswall Wirral Travertine Tabletop After Polishing Heswall Wirral
Re-Polishing an Etched Marble Bathroom Counter-top in Northamptonshire
Black Marble Vanity Worktop Before Polishing in Northampton Black Marble Vanity Worktop After Polishing in Northampton
Mosaic tiled worktop before grout colouring Mosaic tiled worktop after grout colouring
Travertine Table Top Before Restoration Preston Travertine Table Top After Restoration Preston